Crataegus pedicellata at Bute Park

Crataegus pedicellata 0

Crataegus pedicellata
late January 2018

Crataegus pedicellata 1

Crataegus pedicellata
early May 2018

Crataegus pedicellata 2

Crataegus pedicellata in fruit
late August 2018

Grid reference ST 17614 76848
Common name Scarlet thorn
Common name Pear-fruited cockspur thorn
Origin North east North America
Deciduous Yes
Missing tag 3100
Height 6.5M January 2018
Girth 81cm January 2018
Reference 545

This tree is beside the river, about 43M north of the Millennium Bridge. No thorns were seen on the tree.

The following table gives the approximate physical measurements of examined haws together with the number of pips found within them.

Diameter mm Length mm No. of pips
15.0 15.0 4
12.0 13.0 5
15.0 15.0 5
12.0 13.0 4
13.0 13.0 5

Measurements were taken in late September 2018.

Crataegus pedicellata bark

Crataegus pedicellata bark
January 2018

Crataegus pedicellata leaf

Crataegus pedicellata leaves
early May 2018

Crataegus pedicellata flower

Crataegus pedicellata flower
early May 2018

Crataegus pedicellata fruit1

Crataegus pedicellata young fruit
mid July 2018

Crataegus pedicellata leaf2

Crataegus pedicellata leaves
mid July 2018

Crataegus pedicellata leaf3

Crataegus pedicellata leaf
mid July 2018

Crataegus pedicellata fruit3

Crataegus pedicellata fruit
late August 2018

General tree description

Crataegus pedicellata is a small tree, up to around 6 metres tall, with spreading branches and a symmetrical crown. It has scaly brown bark and thorns up to 5cm long. Its leaves are dark green, broadly ovate, 7 to 10cm long, rough to the touch above and smooth beneath. The leaf margins are coarsely toothed with four or five pairs of pointed lobes. The flowers are white, appearing in clusters on long downy stalks. They have ten stamens with rose-coloured anthers. In autumn there are large bunches of scarlet fruits, pear-shaped haws 18mm long.