Alnus fauriei at Bute Park

Alnus fauriei 0

Alnus fauriei
early December 2015

Alnus fauriei 1

Alnus fauriei
mid July 2016

Grid reference ST 17625 77082
Common name Miyama alder
Origin Japan
Deciduous Yes
Status GB Champion 2013
Tag 2498
Old tag 484
Planted 1992/93
Height 7.5M December 2015
Girth 77cm @ 1M December 2015
Reference 362

This tree is in the Alder group. Its tag (2498) is lodged in a cleft between the trunk and one of the branches.

Alnus fauriei bark

Alnus fauriei bark
December 2015

Alnus fauriei catkin

Alnus fauriei male and female catkins
early February 2016

Alnus fauriei leaf

Alnus fauriei leaves
early May 2016

General tree description

Alnus fauriei is a small tree with distinctive leaves. These are smooth, glossy green, toothed and broadly wedge-shaped or almost round. Their size varies but can be up to to 10cm long and 13cm across. The flowers are showy catkins, up to 17cm in length, appearing during early spring before the leaves emerge.