Acer tataricum at Bute Park

Acer tataricum 0

Acer tataricum
January 2016

Acer tataricum 1

Acer tataricum emerging leaves
mid April 2016

Grid reference ST 17526 77313
Common name Tartar Maple
Origin SE Europe and SW Asia
Deciduous Yes
Status Rather rare
Missing tag 3027
Height 11M April 2016
Girth 147cm @ 1M January 2016
Reference 401

This tree is approximately in the centre of the Maple Lawn.

Acer tataricum bark

Acer tataricum bark
January 2016

Acer tataricum leaf

Acer tataricum emerging leaves
late March 2016

Acer tataricum leaf2

Acer tataricum emerging leaves & flowers
early April 2016

Acer tataricum flower

Acer tataricum flowers
mid May 2016

Acer tataricum flower1

Acer tataricum flowers & leaves
mid May 2016

Acer tataricum flower2

Acer tataricum flowers
mid May 2016

General tree description

Acer tataricum is a small, spreading tree, up to 8 metres tall, with grey-brown bark. It has bright green leaves, usually oval, unlobed but toothed, 8cm long. The flowers are greenish-white appearing in erect panicles in May and June among the spring leaves. The leaves fall early without developing good autumn colour. The fruit is a paired samara that ripens deep red in early autumn.