Thompson's Park news items in the Western Mail newspaper

This page lists contemporary news stories, Council committee reports and notices from the Western Mail from 1887 to 1900, which are significant in the history and development of Thompson's Park. The list is chronological, ordered by increasing year, month and day. The items were viewed via the 19th Century British Library Newspapers database available online via many library services.

The format of these entries is: the publication date in the form year, month and day, usually followed by the column or item headline followed by the page number. In some cases key words may be added in brackets to provide more detail about the content. There are brief summaries of the newspaper articles and the reader is encouraged to access the originals for more information.

1891-Apr-14 Western mail p4

Brief report that "Mr Charles Thompson, a Cardiff Merchant, has handed over for the use of the residents of Cardiff, subject to certain stipulations, a small garden and field with a splendid view in Romilly road."

1891-Apr-14 Open spaces in Cardiff p6

A fuller report that Mr Charles Thompson had thrown open to the public a garden and field located between Romilly and Penciseley roads, and that the area would be kept open for public recreation from nine a.m. to seven p.m.

1891-Jun-22 District news p6

Headed "Romilly-road field" a correction to a previous report that "Sir David's Field" had been opened by Mr H. M. Thompson; it was in fact opened by the owner, Mr Charles Thompson.

1891-Oct-19 Recreation ground at Cardiff p6

Report of a presentation on behalf of 1,342 residents to Mr Charles Thompson in recognition of his generosity in throwing open Sir David's Field to the public.

1891-Dec-04 Wales day by day p5

A poetic piece starting " Mr W.E. Cule, who is grieved by the mud at the entrance to Thompson's Parks at Canton, Cardiff, tells the following sad story."

1893-04-10 Sir Davids Field Canton Cardiff p6

Report of an interview with Mr Charles Thompson in which he explained that he had temporarily closed Sir David's Field to the public owing the amount of litter left there. It was his intention to re-open the grounds when "refuse boxes" had been provided, and the temporary closure was to draw attention to the problem.

1893-Apr-18 Correspondence: "Sir David's Field" Cardiff p3

A letter lamenting both the closure of Sir David's Field and the bad behavior which had caused it.

1893-Apr-29 Reopening of "Sir David's Field" Cardiff p4

Report of the re-opening of Sir David's Field following the measures previously announced by Mr Thompson.

(Unfortunately it was not possible to search the Western Mail between July 1st 1897 and August 31st 1898 inclusive.)

(Unfortunately it was not possible to search the Western Mail between July 1st 1897 and August 31st 1898 inclusive.)

1899-Nov-10 Child Drowned at Cardiff p6

Report of the body of a boy, age two years and five months, being found floating in the water of the fountain in Thompson's Park.

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