Cardiff Parks post 1980

With the appointment of Les Davies as Director of Leisure & Amenities in around 1980, the Parks Department ceased to exist as an independent entity within the Council. This reflected what was happening throughout the UK.

In that structure Mike Clark was appointed Assistant Director (Parks) in 1995. Les Davies retired at the end of March 1996 which coincided with the creation of the new Cardiff Unitary Authority.[1] From April 1996 untill 1999 the former Leisure & Amenities Department became the Sports & Leisure Department under Paul Jenkins.

In 1999 the New Authority decided the Council structure should change. Parks was moved into a new service area called Highways & Parks which also included Waste Management and Vehicle Maintenance. Mike Clark was appointed Operational Manager (Parks & Bereavement). Within that department Jon Maidment was appointed Operational Manager (Parks) in 2001/2 reporting to Mike Clark.

Following Mike Clark's retirement in 2007 Jon Maidment continued as Operational Manager (Parks) but subsequent Council restructures have increased his role to become Operational Manager (Parks, Sports & Harbour Authority).

Sources of Information

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