Whitchurch Library Gardens

Whitchurch Library Gardens occupies the triangular plot of land at the junction of Merthyr Road and Velindre Road. This land was acquired by the Parish Council in 1899 and converted to a recreation ground, following which the Council approached the Carnegie Trust for a grant to build a public library on part of the site. The application was successful and the library building was completed in late 1904. It was designed by Messrs. R. & S. Williams and built at a cost of £2,000 by Mr. W.T. Morgan.

The remainder of the site continued as a public garden. Mr. H.R. John was appointed to the combined post of Librarian and Park-keeper at a wage of eighteen shillings per week plus living accommodation.

Whitchurch Free Library

Whitchurch Free Library c.1904[1]

Whitchurch Free Library

Whitchurch Free Library after 1945[1]

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Sources of Information

Historical information about the origins of the site and the library is taken from Edgar L. Chappell, Old Whitchurch: the story of a Glamorgan Parish, Priory Press, 1945, pages 79-80.

Other sources are:

  1. Photographs from the Cardiff Library Local Studies Collection