Pengam Recreation Ground

The Pengam Recreation Ground was created on land adjoining the Pengam Farm housing estate, which was developed by the Council in the 1920s. The land, an area of some 5 acres, was donated by Lord Tredegar in April 1929.[1] It had already been used as a sports field, and there were dressing rooms that had been erected by local clubs with the permission of the former tenant. The Council purchased one of these buildings in 1930 and continued to operate it as a sports pavilion.

Boundary fencing was erected in 1930 and two pitches were marked out in the same year. Football was played in the winter and the same pitches were used for baseball in the summer.

The Parks Department Inventory of Parks Buildings and Equipment, compiled for insurance purposes in April 1938, included the following information for Pengam Recreation Ground:

  • 1938 Buildings and Equipment Inventory: Pengam Recreation Ground
  • Pavilion

Sources of Information

In general, the information in this section is taken from A. A. Pettigrew, The Public Parks and Recreation Grounds of Cardiff Volumes 3 & 5.

Other sources are:

  1. Meeting of the Parks Open Spaces and Burial Board Committee 24th April 1929