The Minsters and The Sandies

Following the brook east out of Waterloo Gardens it passes through The Minsters on its north bank and The Sandies on its south bank. The Harlequins is the area of ground south of The Sandies, today used as a club playing field.

The Minsters was originally known as Newminster Road Open Space. This was an area of approximately 0.75 of an acre acquired from the Tredegar estate in July 1925.[1] Half of the Sandies area, the western part, was acquired in 1951 from the Penlline estate and the remainder from British Rail.[2] These purchases were recorded in Parks Committee minutes beginning in December 1950, when it was decided to purchase for the sum of £10 an area of 0.92 of an acre that included the brook adjoining Walerloo Gardens.[3] Negotiations began in 1952 for the second plot, approximately 0.68 of an acre of land from British Railways, requiring the Council to provide a new fence along the boundary with the railway.[4] It was not until late 1955 that the Parks Committee came to agreement with the British Transport Commission for acquisition of this land.[5]


1942 aerial photograph showing The Minsters, The Sandies and The Harlequins

  • In the photograph above Waterloo Gardens is at the bottom centre
  • The large triangle of land is the Harlequins.
  • The land to the left of the brook is The Minsters
  • The land immediately to the right of the brook is The Sandies
  • The Minsters and The Sandies both appear to be used as allotments

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