Two tennis courts were provided in 1901 in one of the fields adjoining Pontcanna Farm. These were not levelled and had no nets or fencing. It was not possible to enclose the space, to make a charge, or to restrict access because the Council had no legal powers to do so until the passing of the Public Health Amendment Act in 1907.

A proposal for substantial provision of tennis courts in Llandaff Fields (six hard and six grass courts) was first submitted by the Parks Chief Officer in October 1921. The Parks Committee agreed the following year to carry out the proposal at a cost £1,450. The grass courts were laid down the in the winter of 1922-3, but the six hard courts were not constructed until the spring of 1924. The Llandaff Fields grass courts were the last to be provided in any of the Cardiff Parks. Hard courts were preferred because tennis had become so very popular, and the grass courts could not sustain continual use and remain in an acceptable condition.

Sources of Information

In general, the information in this section is taken from A. A. Pettigrew, The Public Parks and Recreation Grounds of Cardiff, Volume 4, chapter on Lawn Tennis.