Drinking Fountain

The 1901 Ordnance survey map for Victoria Park included a drinking fountain beside the lake, which was no longer present on the 1920 map. It was shown in a postcard view taken by Ernest T Bush in around 1908 and was probably the one erected when the park was formed.[1]

The Samuel family presented several ornamental drinking fountains to the City in memory of members of the family.[2] In 1908 the Parks Committee accepted one of these for Victoria Park, in memory of Lewin L. Samuel, who died in 1893.[3] The fountain was made by Walter Macfarlane & Co. of Glasgow. It was placed at the north east corner of the lake, where several paths converge[4] and was formally opened on August 6th 1908.[5]

In the 1980s the canopy was restored, and relocated as the centre piece of the formal flower beds at the southern end of the park. As described by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales: "It stands on an octagonal plinth of brick and stone and consists of eight slender columns topped by an open scrollwork dome of cast iron with a pinnacle on top. Circular roundels above the arches at the top of the columns have inscriptions of 'The Pavement' and 'Keep dry' alternating with storks, and had a cast-iron dome, octagonal in shape, standing on a brick and stone plinth."[5]

The dedication on the canopy reads "In memoriam - Lewin L Samuel - Aged 39 Years. Died 1893. Presented to the city of Cardiff in the year 1908 by his brothers in affectionate remembrance."

The photograph below was taken in July 2011 and shows the restored canopy:

Fountain Canopy

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