Crown Gardens

Crown Gardens was the name given to the space to the north of the Welsh Board of Health building, on which the Wesh Government building now stands. Proposals to build government offices there emerged in the 1940s, when it was popularly believed that the site was reserved for a parliament house for Wales should home rule (or devolution) be granted.

During the 1939-45 war there was a barrage balloon on Crown Gardens. A photograph taken in 1939 looks north across Crown Gardens towards Corbett Road and Aberdare Hall:

Barrage balloon in Crown Gardens

Barrage balloon in Crown Gardens dated 1939[1]

In 1951 the ground was laid out as a garden by the Cardiff Parks department following a request from the Ministry of Works.[2]

The image below is a fragment of an aerial photograph taken on 25th April 1952 and shows Crown Gardens with its distinctive "X" shaped paths on the left. In the upper centre of the photograph is the Welsh Board of Health, and the north part of Alexandra Gardens is at the top right.

Crown Gardens

Aerial photograph of Crown Gardens, 25th April 1952

Crown Gardens no longer exists, the Welsh Government building now occupying the site. It was constructed between 1972 and 1979.

Sources of Information

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